The subject is my response to September 11 and is a reminder that not all tragedies have to be spectacular; often subtle happenings can and do change our lives in radical ways.
Sound: Ian Willcock

To view the whole movie visit this link:  vimeo.com/90487713

A.G. 2015

DVD: Blu-ray    •     Aspect ratio: 4:3     •    1280 x720   •   Length:  6′ 43″      •     © 2002


This is my first 3D animation and also my  first collaboration  with composers Ian Willcock and Paul Obermayer.

When it became possible for me to make 3D animations I embraced the challenge from the start, finding it a route out of an increasing frustration with the static and gravity- bound nature of my non-digital work up to that point.

It was  first shown at the South London Gallery in 2000 as part of an evening of contemporary performances of sound and visual work curated by me.

To view the whole movie visit this link:  vimeo.com/90431557

A.G. 2015

DVD: Blu-ray      •      Aspect ratio 4:3       •     720 x 576   •    Length: 4 ‘  30″     •

© 1999

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