[The following movie clips are short random sections which are highly compressed in order to post them on the web. The actual size and length is posted with the clip.
Whilst they can be shown as individual pieces in selected venues they, ideally, should be seen projected as installations where they would be looped so that the viewer could see them at their own pace and repeatedly if they wish.]

When I started making digital movies 17 years ago the way I made them made them difficult to present, either privately or at public screenings, as the data rate was far too high for the then available projection methods. I was never committed to streaming them as this would have compromised the visual experience via the reduced size and data rate.

Luckily recently, with the advent of Blu-ray technology, they can now be viewed easily. The only condition for seeing them is that a Blu-ray player (BD) is available which is getting more and more common every year and, if not yet found  in every home, is now present in most public viewing establishments and galleries.

Most of the work posted here has been converted to this process and can be recognised by the designation “Dvd: Blu-ray” at the bottom of the short description of the piece. Of course you need to buy it first.

Fortunately now the technology has improved even more and most of the movies included here are now available to be be viewed on Vimeo.

Please use this link to see them:                                                         vimeo.com/user24274324/videos

or use the direct link (if present) on their individual page, thanks.

When you reach Vimeo check the ‘Alphabetical’ option above the videos to see the work in the order they were made.


A.G. December 2015


Image converted using ifftoany

This movie AKA ‘not for nimby’s’ uses the decorative posabilities of wind farms albeit in a fanfastical formation. I don’t think it will necessarily convert too many people unfortunately. It should preferably be viewed as a continual loop.

To see this movie please use this link:


AG 2015

DVD: Blu-ray    •    Aspect ratio 16:9     •    Length 7′ 09″   •    ©2015


Image converted using ifftoany

This piece is part of a continuing series where the forms move within the confines of their specific environment.

Whilst there isn’t a literal narrative, within this animation the forms react to each other with meticulous care.

To see this movie please use this link:     vimeo.com/144394938

AG 2015

DVD: Blu-ray    •    Aspect ratio 16:9     •    Length 7′ 09″   •    ©2015

is my second collaberation with the composer Paul Obermayer. This  is the first time, however, I have made images to a completed sound-piece.

For all my previous animations which included working with composers, they have added the sound elements to my images retrospectively – for which I am always very grateful.

This time I felt I could make a contribution to Paul’s piece which would both combine and enhance our individual aesthetic approaches.

To view the whole movie please use its own link:  vimeo.com/84218135

A.G 2014

DVD: Blu-ray    •    Aspect ratio 16:9     •    Length 5′ 27″   •    ©2012


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as with the majority of my digital movies ‘togettarget’ is an abstract study containing virtual forms moving formally and having a precise relationship to each other – rather like a dance sequence.
Their appearance has evolved from a long relationship making material forms of a similar nature in my pre-digital days as an artist.
Whilst they do not have an obvious narrative it is almost impossible for an viewer to not make up their own scenario.
The sound consists of layered tones which slowly undulate sympathetically with the activity of the images.

The whole movie can now be viewed at: vimeo.com/user24274324/videos


DVD: Blu-ray    •    Aspect ratio 16:9     •    Length 4′ 40″   •    ©2013

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flotsom and jetsom is a short piece composed of  images which have been  floating around my concsiousnes for the last few years.


To view the whole movie please use this direct link:       vimeo.com/89535545

A.G 2014

DVD: Blu-ray    •    Aspect ratio 16:9     •    Length 3′ 34″   •    ©2013

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this is a short looped piece which is available as a DVD which can be purchased for home or gallery use.

All that is needed is a good 42″ + LED or Plasma screen and  DVD player.

An edition of 200


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shaddowfield1still3webthumbshaddowfield2still1webthumb “shadowfield” consist of three short parts which can either be shown separately or as a linked sequence. Each is  3 minutes 40 secs  long. Its  images (as the title suggests) are derived from shadows of objects which are concealed from the viewer.

It demonstrates my occasional and continuing interest in trying to exclude showing the actual objects which make up the image. In this instance only their shadows are represented, albeit in a very detailed form, which would be impossible in a non-digital reality.

These movies are silent to allow their visual complexity to dominate the viewer’s experience.

To view the whole movie please use this Vimeo direct link: vimeo.com/91089802

DVD Blu-ray   •   Aspect ratio: 16:9   •  Length: pt 1 – 3′ 40″ / pt 2 – 3′ 40″  / pt 3 – 3′ 40″/ Total length 10′ 20″  •      © 2009

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Two forms move against a terrain which is of a similar origin to themselves whilst another form of an obviously different source is also present creating a state of tension in their  interaction as they slowly circumnavigate each other.

The sound element driving this movement is derived from electric chisels which could have been used used to fashion the indigenous forms in a less virtual environment.

To view the whole movie visit this link:  vimeo.com/user24274324/videos

A.G. 2014

DVD: Blu-ray  •   Aspect ratio 16:9   •  Length: 7′ 34″   •   ©2009

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this is a very slow, nearly monochromatic, piece with a  sound-scape which sonically inverts the vertical movement of the images.

To view the whole movie visit this direct link:  vimeo.com/ 90247364

AG. 2014

DVD Blu- ray   •   Aspect ratio: 16.9   •   Length: 13′ 09″   •    © 2009


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