[The following movie clips are short random sections which are highly compressed in order to post them on the web. The actual size and length is posted with the clip.
Whilst they can be shown as individual pieces in selected venues they, ideally, should be seen projected as installations where they would be looped so that the viewer could see them at their own pace and repeatedly if they wish.]

shadowfield1forwebsiteshadowfield2forwebsiteshadowfield3forwebsite “shadowfield” consist of three short parts which can either be shown separately or as a linked sequence. Each is  3 minutes 40 secs  long. Its  images (as the title suggests) are derived from shadows of objects which are concealed from the viewer.

It manifests my occasional and continuing interest in trying to exclude showing the actual objects which make up the image. In this instance only their shadows are represented, albeit in a very detailed http://premier-pharmacy.com/product-category/other/ form, which would be impossible in a non-digital reality.

These movies are silent to allow their visual complexity to dominate the viewer’s experience.

To view the whole movie please use this Vimeo direct link: vimeo.com/91089802

DVD Blu-ray   •   Aspect ratio: 16:9   •  1280 x 720  •   Length: pt 1 – 3′ 40″ / pt 2 – 3′ 40″  / pt 3 – 3′ 40″/ Total length 10′ 20″  •      © 2009



Image converted using ifftoany

Image converted using ifftoany

Two forms move against a terrain which is of a similar origin to themselves whilst another form of an obviously different source is also present creating a state of tension in their  interaction as they slowly circumnavigate each other.

The sound element driving this movement is derived from electric chisels which could have been used used to fashion the indigenous forms in a less virtual environment.

To view the whole movie visit this link:  https://vimeo.com/146456788

A.G. 2014

DVD: Blu-ray  •   Aspect ratio 16:9   •  1280 x720  •   Length: 7′ 34″   •   ©2009




boyle saw

this is a very slow, nearly monochromatic, piece with a  sound-scape which sonically inverts the vertical movement of the images.

To view the whole movie visit this direct link:  vimeo.com/ 90247364


DVD Blu- ray   •   Aspect ratio: 16.9   •   1280 x 720  •   Length: 13′ 09″   •    © 2009


Image converted using ifftoany

Image converted using ifftoany


Ian Wilcock once again provides an  electronic soundtrack which compliments the images whilst emphasizing the movement within it.

The visual material for this piece concentrates on a hole; a viewpoint into what seems a richer and intensely vibrant environment that the viewer never really gets to observe. As a (token) consolation, an elegant disc emerges and briefly taunts the viewer with reflections and echoes of the vibrant world beyond.

The piece casts the viewer as a voyeur; an observer whose entire experience must, of necessity, be on the one hand vicarious and unsatisfying, yet also pervaded by a knowledge of the possibility of something better. Perception itself is cast as a subversive drama suffused with the constant awareness of the impossibility of satisfaction in the here and now together with an unshakable knowledge that the objects of desire are both tangible and near at hand.     I.W. / A.G

To view the whole movie visit this direct link:  vimeo.com/87400749

DVD: Blu-ray   •     Aspect ratio 16 9   •   12 80 x 720   •   Length: 10′  55 ”   •     © 2008

Image converted using ifftoany

Image converted using ifftoany


“Jonah” is my  second collaboration with the writer Brian Marley.

Said Jonah of his ordeal: “The Holy books got it all wrong, WRONG WRONG WRONG in every particular!” Mindful of this, Andrew Greaves and I offer alternative perspectives on Jonah’s experience, hoping to embrace a greater truth, which, as Jonah grudgingly concedes, we may have done, “even if only inadvertently”. BM

To view the whole movie use this direct link:  vimeo.com/89102936

DVD: Blu-ray    •    Aspect ratio: 16.9     •    1280 x 720  •    Length: 9 ‘ 28 ”    •      © 2009



Image converted using ifftoany

Image converted using ifftoany


is an example of my occasional appropriation formal elements which, in this case, are erected in natural landscapes to pinpoint specific geographic locations  to enable the making of accurate maps.

The form in this piece is neither fixed or discrete as it falls on to and through the base strata which is also continually changing its position.This contrasts with its environment creating ambiguous scale and functional references which would be alien to its physical counterpart.

This visual event is accompanied by ambiguous and barely heard ‘noises off’.

To view the whole movie visit this link:  vimeo.com/89969850

A.G 2014
DVD: Blu-ray   •   Aspect ratio:  16:9   •    1280 x 720  •   Length: 8′ 35″   •   © 2006
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flipforwebsite This piece takes its title from the American journalist/broadcaster Studs Turkel who is a champion of early jazz and a chronicler of American social history. At 95 (in 2007) he remains an inspirational figure and this is my homage to him.

These images and sounds should not be taken literally but impressionistically as a tribute to his spirit, energy and pioneering work.

To view the whole movie visit this link: https://vimeo.com/146446023

A.G. 2014
DVD: Blu-ray     •     Aspect ratio: 16:9   •    1280 x 720  •    Length:  5′ 43″    •     ©2007


Image converted using ifftoany

Image converted using ifftoany


A virtual camera pans across a virtual space and sections are illuminated by virtual lights revealing the internal and external spaces when they are activated. Some of the environment’s surfaces are reflective, increasing their visual complexity, whilst others rely on simple planes for their structural presence. Some of the sequences are in colour but most are monochromatic. The viewer is sometimes drawn more closely towards the spaces for a more intimate view, but is usually forced to observe the evolving scenes at a distance.

The visual tour is underpinned by the low frequency sounds of an urban hum.

To view the whole movie use this link:  vimeo.com/91760440

A.G. 2014
DVD: Blu-ray   •   Aspect ratio: 16:9    •    1280 x 720  •   Length:  35′ 50″    •     © 2006



A complex abstract form, at once metallic and machined yet also disturbingly organic (particularly in the multiple profiles it presents to the viewer), moves purposefully within a three dimensional reflective environment. This is not an empty environment, rather the whole piece is ominous, populated with objects unseen except through their reflections. We have a sense of being in a corner, perhaps a temporarily safe corner, of a much larger world extending in all directions from the one we are observing.

The ‘action’ involves the interplay and penetration by the object with the defining limits of the environment; with  highly reflective, yet paradoxically fluid http://healthsavy.com representations of the way conventional (and virtual) space is mapped and bounded. As the object immerses itself in the fabric of dimensionality, it questions and tests the concepts of empirical, measured certainty; it exposes the essential propensity for liminality in even the most stable of systems. That there is a feeling that at any moment the outside could in-trude is perhaps only to be expected…    I. W.

Sound: Ian Willcock

To view the whole movie use this link:  vimeo.com/90552470

A.G. 2015
DVD: Blu-ray     •    Aspect Ratio: 16:9      •     1280 x720   •   Length:   12′ 34″    •     © 2006

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The visual structure of “rorrim” consists of two separately made images which, when combined, give the illusion of an abstract landscape and it’s reflection. The viewer, through their own associative references, makes links which give a cohesion to the otherwise separate elements. “rorrim” inhabits the liminal space between representation and recognition; it is an interior drama of revelation and reflection in which the viewer sees only their own constructing (and constructed) gaze rather than the visual surface behind which such processes ae normally hidden from conscious view. The soundtrack reflects this http://www.montauk-monster.com/pharmacy interiority; most events are placed in the centre of the stereo range – as if they are emanating from within the viewer’s head. They are perhaps the accompaniment to contemplation rather than adjuncts of the graphic phenomena. This short extract is from the first section of the seamless triptych.

Sound: Ian Willcock

To view the whole movie use this link:  vimeo.com/91874075

A.G. 2015

DVD: Blu-ray     •      Aspect ratio: 16:9    •    1280 x 720   •    Length 24 ‘ 51″     •     © 2006

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