This s a collaboration between myself and the writer Brian Marley.

The visual theme of Unnatural Order is based on an imagining of the sea in Stanislaw Lem’s Solaris, a novel I read some thirty years ago. This example of xenobiology came vividly to mind while I was creating the animation for the movie.

See: wiki – Xenobiology

As the camera hovers voyeuristically and pans across the surface, sounds and sentences sporadically emerge. This gradual evolution is deceptive. Quite often, very little seems to be happening but if you look away for a moment then return to the movie much will have changed.

To view the whole movie use this link:  vimeo.com/91173111

A.G. 2015

Humans modify their surroundings to suit themselves and modify themselves to suit their surroundings. This has been going on for almost five million years. We’re close to finishing the project – making the world a product of our imagination. The benefits are obvious. But there are considerable disbenefits, too.


DVD: Blu-ray     •     Aspect ratio: 4:3     •    720 x 576   •   Length: 13′ 42″    •     © 2004