The visual structure of “rorrim” consists of two separately made images which, when combined, give the illusion of an abstract landscape and it’s reflection. The viewer, through their own associative references, makes links which give a cohesion to the otherwise separate elements. “rorrim” inhabits the liminal space between representation and recognition; it is an interior drama of revelation and reflection in which the viewer sees only their own constructing (and constructed) gaze rather than the visual surface behind which such processes ae normally hidden from conscious view. The soundtrack reflects this interiority; most events are placed in the centre of the stereo range – as if they are emanating from within the viewer’s head. They are perhaps the accompaniment to contemplation rather than adjuncts of the graphic phenomena. This short extract is from the first section of the seamless triptych.

Sound: Ian Willcock

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A.G. 2015

DVD: Blu-ray     •      Aspect ratio: 16:9    •    1280 x 720   •    Length 24 ‘ 51″     •     © 2006