shadowfield1forwebsiteshadowfield2forwebsiteshadowfield3forwebsite “shadowfield” consist of three short parts which can either be shown separately or as a linked sequence. Each is  3 minutes 40 secs  long. Its  images (as the title suggests) are derived from shadows of objects which are concealed from the viewer.

It manifests my occasional and continuing interest in trying to exclude showing the actual objects which make up the image. In this instance only their shadows are represented, albeit in a very detailed form, which would be impossible in a non-digital reality.

These movies are silent to allow their visual complexity to dominate the viewer’s experience.

To view the whole movie please use this Vimeo direct link:

DVD Blu-ray   •   Aspect ratio: 16:9   •  1280 x 720  •   Length: pt 1 – 3′ 40″ / pt 2 – 3′ 40″  / pt 3 – 3′ 40″/ Total length 10′ 20″  •      © 2009



Image converted using ifftoany

Image converted using ifftoany

Two forms move against a terrain which is of a similar origin to themselves whilst another form of an obviously different source is also present creating a state of tension in their  interaction as they slowly circumnavigate each other.

The sound element driving this movement is derived from electric chisels which could have been used used to fashion the indigenous forms in a less virtual environment.

To view the whole movie visit this link:

A.G. 2014

DVD: Blu-ray  •   Aspect ratio 16:9   •  1280 x720  •   Length: 7′ 34″   •   ©2009