“unnatural order” a collaboration between myself and Brian Marley will be shown in the Whitechapel Gallery  cinema on September 26 as part of the The London Art Book Fair. This is the last day of an innovative two day film programme chosen by William English  to complement the fair.


I will be interviewed by William on his Wavelength programme on Resonance • Friday 24th September at 15 00 •    http://resonancefm.com  or  104.4 FM in the London area

Friday 24th  September •  4 30 – 6 00

“Oblique Texts/Visual Dialects”.


(a) “The Savage Eye”  Joseph Strick, Ben Maddow and Sidney Meyers 1959, 60 minutes b+w sound.  A dramatized documentary film that combines a narration of the life of a divorced woman with documentary footage of an unspecified 1950s city.

(b )“Ted Berrigan” Anthony Stern 1970, 20 minute interview with poet Ted Berrigan b+w sound.

(c) “What did you eat today? Yann Beauvais”. Sandra Cross 2007 DVD 14 minutes colour sound. Portrait film of the co-founder of Light Cone film distribution, filmed in Paris. Part of an ongoing series documenting what individuals eat.

Total running time: 94 minutes

Sunday 26 September • 4 30 – 6 00


(a) “Language Lessons”  Steve Hawley 1994 35 minutes colour sound

(b) “Gibberish” George Barber 2009 5 minutes colour sound

(c) “John Cage Performs James Joyce” Takahiko Iimura 1985 15 minutes b+w sound

(d) “Poemfield  No. 2” Stan Vanderbeek 1966 6 minutes colour sound

(e) “Unnatural Order” Andrew Greaves and Brian Marley 2004 14 minutes colour sound

Total running time: 75 minutes

Whitechapel Gallery
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London E1 7QX
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