Not 3D • cone-ical evolution: part 1

This is the first of a  mini series using virtual 3D technology ‘incorrectly‘.

One of the influential forces in the making of  “c(l)on(e)-ical evolution” series is how – by working digitally – one is able to make the iconography evolve organically whilst leaving  previous visible traces of the process  as images in their own right. The result of this archivist’s approach is represented here by the four distinct parts which correspond to the visual variety between the sections; they are not necessarily  presented in the order they were made.

The title is an amalgamation  of conical and clone (in case  it appears confusing) and is an attempt to describe, or give access to, the visual content of the images.

By “tweaking” the technology of 3D image making the resultant images hint at, but do not fulfill, the experience of 3D viewing.

As usual each image is an edition of 25 and will be printed archivally to order.Sizes up to 800 mm X 450 mm standard  although larger sizes can be made.       © 2010