These prints were derived from an animation of the same name but are reduced  in richness in order to be shown on line. #1#2#3#4#5#6#7#8

Please read this before looking at the images of the prints, especially if you are contemplating buying one.

Use the scroll bar on the right to progress through the pages of  this section. Eventually you will reach the end of the first page where there is an instruction ‘ ← previous‘. Clicking on this will take you to the next set of pages. Eventually the instruction will change to: ‘← previousnext →’, keep on with the ‘previous‘  until you get to the end of the section – ‘Cruciform prints’  you will then click on ‘ next →’ and the site menu should be shown at the top of the page. Clicking on ‘digital prints‘ should return you back to the beginning.

The following section  attempts to give the viewer a virtual overview of my digital prints, however, it is a representative selection and not all of the images in the the series are included. Viewing hard copies is the only way of appreciating their true properties.

More information about the imagery of the series can be found on the Movie section of the site if it is derived from a movie although they are  independent pieces.

The very early images can only be printed to smaller size than the later ones but the overall quality is exactly the same.

Where the maximum size is quoted as being 800 mm x ? (where 800 is the width). Larger sizes are possible with the earlier images without loosing any definition which of course is the bonus of digital media. The later images can be printed to a larger size anyway.

The size will be reflected in the  price but isn’t the only consideration.

To locate the actual name of the print RMC (right mouse click) on it and choose the option “save image as” where the name of the file will be shown in the window. You may then make a note of it or save the it to your desktop and extract the information later. E-mailing the image(s) to me is also an option:

A small printed version (A4)  can be sent to you to help in your selection, especially for the larger sizes.

Thank you for reading this.

N.B. Any print series with “Not 3D” in its title has been made using virtual 3D technology but in such a way as to exploit the process for normal 2D viewing.

AG 2022

This is the first post of three relating to the novie SLIDERS’  which can be viewed in a shortened version, in its own post, in the movie section.

sliders still #0

Sliders still #200

Sliders still #348

Sliders still #1104

Sliders still #1312

The Second part of a three part post of the prints orginating from the movie ‘SLIDERS’, which can be viewed independently (in a shortened version) in the MOVIE posts

                                                                           Slider still #2208

Slider still #2253

Slider still #2312

Sliders still #2479

Slider still #2733

Slider still#2851


The last post in the print series based on the MOVIE ‘SLIDERS’ which can be viewed independently (in a shortened version) in the MOVIE posts

Slider still#3170

Sliders still#3761

Sliders still #4079

Sliders still# 4649

Sliders still#4885

These were the first  prints I made after being forced to change my computer and programmes because of the age of the original system. The new system was completely new to me  at the beginning of the year so that progress was slow at first.

The quasi architectural form suited me at this time, although it has always been an important feature of my work.





These images were made in the Summer of 2021 when I was betting to grips with a new system and its processes. They could be said to represent my period of ‘coming out of my previous box’ but at least I felt I was winning against my technical struggle.







windtunnelF1373  – Print 1

windtunnelF1766  – Print 2


As with all the recent print series they relate to the movie of the same name.

The Vimeo link to the Movie of this series is:

windtunnelF2768  – Print 3

windtunnelF3424  – Print 4

windtunnelF3652  – Print 5

windtunnelF4529  – Print 6

windtunnelF4799  – Print 7

windtunnelF5127 –  Print 8



windtunnelF5429 –  Print 9

windtunnelF5482 –  Print 10

windtunnelF5690 –  Print 11

windtunnelF5771 –  Print 12

windtunnelF5840 –  Print 13

windtunnelF5950 –  Print 14



First flight: Image 1  [F1445]

First flight: Image 2  [F1780]

First flight: Image 3  [F1901]

First flight: Image 4  [F2300]

First flight: Image 5  [F2546]

First flight:  Image 6  [F2751]

First flight: Image 7  [F3262]

First flight: Image 8  [5494]


As with all the recent print series they relate to the movie of the same name.

The Vimeo link to the movie is:





Desert tagging still # 1

Desert tagging still # 2

Desert tagging still # 3

Desert tagging still # 4

Desert tagging still # 5

Desert tagging still # 6

Desert tagging still # 7





















These image originate from the short animation of the same name although the images have been slightly modified for static viewing.

For more detailed information please read the ‘Introduction to the digital print’ page.

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